Murrell Cork Funeral Directors, has been serving the community over five generations of the same family.

Murrell Cork FuneralsEstablished in 1850 by Murrell Cork, whose work consisted of carpentry, undertaking and wheelwrighting. He was succeeded by one of his sons, also named Murrell who included building as an important part of the company's work. Although the art of wheelwrighting has practically gone, all the other aspects already mentioned continued to flourish under the guidance of Murrell's son William. When William retired his eldest son Mike took over the helm, the company then took on Mr Ray Cootes to manage the company for a few years and when he decided to start his own building business another of William's sons took over as Managing Director. Robert (Bob) continued to improve and extend the building and funeral directing sections of the company.

Murrell Cork FuneralsDuring the 1980's, it was decided to finish the building section and give complete commitment to improving the funeral services, during this time Chris Cork came into the family business working with his father Bob.

In the late 1980's Bob retired and following his death Chris decided to completely modernise the company and arranged for the purpose built funeral home at North Walsham. In 2006 our Stalham office opened in the High Street, to provide an improved service to our clients in this part of Broadland.

Murrell Cork Funerals StalhamWe are justly proud of our long history, and equally so to be the oldest family business in North Walsham, which is still owned and operated by the same family.

Our heritage is important to us and should not be forgotten, but our commitment to the future is based on the standards which have been provided by our predecessors.

We are therefore dedicated to upholding the traditional values of respect and dignity in the years ahead.

57a Mundesley Road
North Walsham
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32/34 High Street
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